2.5. Tutorials


If you are highly focused on modeling a specific group of devices or solving a specific group of problems, check the page with Applications.

This chapter contains all tutorials related to the nextnano++ software. The tutorials are organized in the following groups:

reflecting their general purpose and character. It is worth being aware of meaning of each of those groups regardless of your goal while modeling with nextnano++.

The Syntax contains tutorials teaching very basics of nextnano++. Their aim is to introduce the syntax of nextnano++ slowly with very simple examples. The examples, very often, does not correspond to any real device. The goal of these tutorials is only to present what elements of the nextnano++ syntax do.

The Exercises contains tutorials teaching how to apply the syntax of nextnano++ to obtain specific results for realistic structure designs. The designs within those tutorials are kept simple, as the goal is only to show practical examples of use of the nextnano++. These and further tutorials are not introducing the syntax anymore.

The Case Studies contains examples of elaborate analyses on given topics performed based on results obtained exclusively with nextnano++.

The Numerics contains propositions of approaches to extract additional information on the devices modeled with nextnano++ using nextnanopy and by additional processing of the data output from simulations.

The Tricks & Hacks is currently an empty section. It will contain tutorials showing advanced approaches to deal with exceptional difficulties in selected simulations. These tutorials will cover topics related to overcoming difficulties and limitations of models and numerics as well as using nextnano++ for simulations beyond standard scope of use of the software.