nextnano++ & nextnano³ on Linux

The nextnano++ and nextnano³ simulations can be executed from the Linux terminal by directly using the Linux executables, or by using Wine and the Windows executables. In order to make the programs executable, one needs to run the command chmod a+x *.exe, where (*) is replaced by the corresponding nextnano++ or nextnano³ Linux executable. For nextnano³ simulations, one also has to set the environment variable nextnano by running the command $ export NEXTNANO=”/<directory_name>/nextnano/<date>”. For license activation on Linux with Wine, please refer to License Activation. It is also possible to request a license.txt file in order to run simulations on Linux without any use of Wine. Should this be the desired option, one needs to modify the name of the license file in the below commands.

Option 1: Linux executables

The terminal commands for two nextnano++ and nextnano³ sample input files can then be given as follows, to be executed from the nextnano folder directory:

"nextnano3/Linux gcc 64bit/nextnano3_Linux_gcc_64bit.exe" -log -license "License/License_nnp.lic" -outputdirectory "Output/<name_of_input_file>" -inputfile "Sample files/nextnano3 sample files/"
"nextnano++/bin 64bit/nextnano++_Linux_gcc_64bit.exe" --license "License/License_nnp.lic" --outputdirectory "Output" -log "Sample files/nextnano++ sample files/Quantum Mechanics examples/"

In order to simulate other input files, one simply needs to change the name/directory of the last argument. Detail documentation on command line features can be found on the pages nextnano++ command line arguments and nextnano3 command line arguments. Further information and more examples can be found in the README_Linux file and the shell scripts included in the nextnano folder.

Option 2: Wine and Windows executables

In order to run simulations using the Windows executables, one can simply add the above commands after the command wine or wine64 and modify the name/directory of the executable to choose one of the Windows executables.

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