License activation via command line

Available license file on different operating systems

operating system




Ubuntu (Linux)

.lic file

.txt file

.lic file

Intel Mac

.txt file

.txt file


Arm Mac

.txt file (as of 5th March 2024)

.txt file

On request

To obtain .txt license file, please contact us via nextnano Help Center to request issuing the license.

Online and offline activation


nextnano licenses are hardware specific. You have to perform the license activation on the same computer where you want to run the software.

The executable necessary for license activation is called:
  • deprecated Windows native: ClientSideServerActivation and ClientSideActivator (before May 2023)

  • deprecated Linux and Mac native: ClientSideActivator (between May and October 2023)

  • Windows, Linux, and Mac native: nextnanoLicenseActivator.exe for Windows or nextnanoLicenseActivator_<OS NAME> for other operating systems (since October 2023)

On Linux and Mac, you might have to add the execute permission to the executable by


chmod 744 nextnanoLicenseActivator_<OS NAME>

For each activator version, the necessary and optional parameters will be displayed if you run the executable without giving any parameters.


In the previously distributed and deprecated license-activation executables the argument “email” refers to the License-Key.


When you activate the license, please enter exactly your License Key for the licensekey parameter. You will receive the key via email after purchasing a license, it has the format:

<email of license owner>-<end of validity>-<5-15 digits hash>


If you use ARM Mac for simulation, you have to “emulate Intel processor” before initiating the license activation. See macOS for details.

Command line syntax:

./nextnanoLicenseActivator --firstname <person first name>  --lastname <person last name>  --email <person email>
--institution <institution> --licensekey <license key> --outpath <output folder path>
[--fingerprint <path to fingerprint file> in case of Fingerprint activation]
[--address <server IP address> in case default one shall be overwritten]
[--offline <> in case of offline activation]

Note that nextnanoLicenseActivator changes, depending on your computer. e.g. if you use macOS, it becomes nextnanoLicenseActivator_macOS.

If everything works, you will find the license file(s) License_<nextnano tool>.lic in your specified output directory. The number of the received files depends on your contract. Each of our products has its own distinctive license file, however License_nnp.lic can be used for both the nextnano++ and nextnano³ software.

If the communication with the licensing server is not successful, please specify the --offline parameter to obtain a fingerprint file. After we receive your fingerprint file, we will activate and send you your license(s).

Please contact us via nextnano Help Center if you encounter any issues.


If you use ARM Mac for simulation, as of 5th March 2024, you can run simulation with only license.txt. We are working on this issue. See also macOS.

Fingerprint activation

Fingerprint activation is a special form of online activation. Instead of sending the hardware fingerprint of the current computer, the selected hardware fingerprint file will be sent to the nextnano license server. As a result, the received license files will only work on the computer on which the fingerprint file was generated and not on the computer used for license activation.