Release notes of nextnanomat


New features
Updates & Improvements
Remaining known Bugs


New features
  • standard selection of color maps for 2D and 3D

  • feature to customize color maps

  • couple of features related to color maps (e.g. invert scale, fix middle color etc. -> refer to online documentation)

  • syntax support for new input file format *.negf

  • customizable syntax highlighting

  • support for new NEGF licenses

  • feature to run batch list automatically when new files are added

  • added accessibility evaluation and statement for the nextnano software

  • allow integration for tiberCAD input files and output

  • output, show value difference for two selected curves

Updates & Improvements
  • 1D Export to Gnuplot of overlay items includes currently displayed file

  • add or remove items to overlay list by keyboard only

  • improved syntax highlighting

  • options to specify whether and how output should be overwritten

  • set online help references to the new nextnano documentation

  • prevent crash at application start due to color-map initialization

  • prevent application crash due to IPv6 IP addresses

  • modified file star

  • prevent duplicate opening of the same input file

  • increase functionality and stability of Template(Beta) tab

Remaining known Bugs
  • input file shows in simulation tab during CPU heavy simulations

Input files
  • quite a few new ones (check them out in the sample files folder)