output_currents{ }

Calling sequence

currents{ output_currents{ } }

  • using: \(\mathrm{\textcolor{ForestGreen}{optional}}\)

  • items: \(\mathrm{maximum\;1}\)


Outputs the electron and hole current densities expressed in \(\mathrm{A/cm^2}\).

The electron, hole, and total currents (integrated over the contacts surfaces) are always written into the files IV_electrons.dat, IV_holes.dat, and IV_characteristics.dat in [A/cm^2], [A/cm], and [A] for 1D, 2D, and 3D simulations, respectively. If radiative recombination is used, then the file IV_characteristics.dat also contains the photo current.

In all IV_*.dat files, the first columns indicate the voltages at each contact. Typically, the first column should be the one that is swept, as it is then easier to plot the results within nextnanomat as the first column is the x-axis in such a plot. You can switch the columns by reordering the contacts, see contacts{ }. The consumed power is written in IV_Power.dat in [W/cm^2], [W/cm], and [W] for 1D, 2D, and 3D simulations, respectively. The emitted power column is added if the energy resolved density integration is enabled.