Support Ticket System

We are using a support system on all our channels. You have plenty of possibilities to get in contact with us. Whether you prefer writing emails, using the widget on our website or the Help Center directly, all requests are collected centrally and will be processed by their number - fair and square. Note, unless you purchased a special support option only technical support is included in your license fee, i.e. no simulation requests or adapting your input files.

This support system also offers the possibility of giving feedback. Critique and suggestions are highly appreciated.

How to get the fastest support possible?

There are certain rules you can follow to faciliate the work of the support team and thus ensure fast and meaningful support.

  1. Create single and new tickets for each separate topic
    1. Do not answer to resolved support tickets, if you have a new unrelated question. (There is a risk we won’t get notified at all)

    2. Do not mix up questions about e.g. graphical user interface, syntax of the input file, simulation results, errors, billing etc.

  2. Give a meaningful subject - it will be easier to find the right person for your request
    1. Don’ts: I need help

    2. Dos: How can I plot multiple files superimposed?

  3. Give us all the information we need

    1. Describe what led to the observed behaviour

    2. Attach screenhots of error messages or input and log files

    3. Refer to this documentation to find the right files: Preparing Support Request

  4. Stay polite and respectful
    1. Please sign your request with your name, so we can address you ;)

    2. Check for spelling and grammar - it’s a hassle to guess the meaning of sentences

    3. Support conversations can be a helpful and satisfactory process for both sides, it’s in our hands to make them this way.



The easiest way, if you encounter a problem or do not find what you search for on our website - just click on the widget in the bottom right corner and fill out the form. The Widget is not suitable for elaborate support requests with multiple files, but rather quick questions. If you have a larger support request, use our help center.


Emails to support [at] will automatically create a support ticket.