Our Vision

“Utilizing quantum mechanics to build novel and useful devices that change the world.”

nextnano team at Gate

Our mission

“To establish the nextnano software as the de facto standard simulator for the next generation of electronic and optoelectronic semiconductor nanodevices.”

Schroedinger equation

Business idea

Development of software for the simulation of electronic and optoelectronic semiconductor nanodevices (e.g. transistors, resonant tunneling diodes, quantum wells, quantum wires, quantum dots, quantum-cascade lasers).

Due to the continuing downscaling (Moore's law) of semiconductor electronics, quantum physical effects are gaining importance and confront the industry with fundamental challenges with respect to simulation and design.

Existing tools cannot cope with these challenges and alternatives are not in sight.

Our unique selling proposition is a better physical method for the calculation of the quantum mechanical properties of an arbitrary combination of geometries and materials, i.e. nextnano³ is not limited to certain types of devices and thus perfectly suited for both, currently existing devices and novel devices, like for instance protein sensors (bio chips).

“Disruptive Technologies”
nextnano acts in new markets: nanowires, bio chips, efficient solar cells, nanocrystals, spintronics, quantum cryptography, quantum computing.