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nextnano3 - Tutorial

next generation 3D nano device simulator

1D Tutorial

Local density of states

Authors: Stefan Birner

If you want to obtain the input files that are used within this tutorial, please contact

Local density of states


Here, we calculate the local density of states LDOS(z,E) for a one-dimensional system of GaAs which is restricted to z > 0 nm.
At z <= 0 nm, there is an infinite barrier.

This LDOS can be derived analytically and reads

LDOS1D(z,E) = 2 / (pi hbar) (2m*/E)1/2 sin2(kz)

where k = (2m*E)1/2 / hbar.

The following figure shows the calculated LDOS1D(z,E) for z = [0 nm, 20 nm] and E = [0 eV, 0.3 eV].
The GaAs conduction band edge is set to 0 eV.
The units are [nm-1 eV-1].

The local density of states output LDOS(z,E) is contained in these files:
   Schroedinger_1band/LocalDOS_cb001_qc001_sg001_deg001_dir_Kz001.dat / *.coord / *.fld



Local density of states for a 3D system restricted to z > 0 nm

The following plot is based on Fig. 1.11 (p. 30) of
     The Physics of Low-Dimensional Semiconductors - An Introduction
     John H. Davies
     Cambridge University Press (1998)

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