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License Activation

I don't have a license

Before being able to run any simulations with nextnano, you need a valid license. If you haven't purchased one yet, please contact us - you can for instance use the Need help button in the right lower corner.

I already purchased a license

For each PC where you want to use nextnano, you have to activate your license(s). For the online activation, you need an internet connection.

Activation Dialog

If you are using the nextnanomat for the first time, the license activation window will pop up automatically. If not, use ToolsActivate License from the main menu.

This form should pop up:

Choose Storage Location

The destination to save your licenses is set automatically to a folder “License” in the same directory as nextnanomat.exe. If you are running nextnanomat in your program files or another directory with no write access (i.e. read only access), we recommend to specify a custom destination for your license file(s).

After filling out the dialog, press Generate and activate license key. Important, use the same email address which was used to purchase the license(s).

License Server Feedback

You can see the status of the activation process in a small window. (If an error occurs, it would be helpful to send us a screenshot of this dialog. Then we can identify the error quickly.) If successful, it should look like this:

Update Paths to License

Afterwards you just need to update the paths to your newly activated license(s). If you click yes, the nextnanomat progam is taking care of this automatically. Alternatively, you have to manually update the paths to your new license(s) under ToolsOptions.

Congratulations, you can now start your actual simulations!

Common Errors

No Activation Dialog

  • If you don't have this main menu option, your nextnanomat executable is too old. Have a look into your files for a newer version. Else, contact us. (Need help in the right lower corner of this website.)

  • If you have the main menu option but instead of the activation dialog this message appears… → The executable ClientSideActivator.exe has to be located next to nextnanomat.exe. You can either search for it manually, or just redo the operation after putting it in the correct place.

No Connection to the Server

After clicking the “Generate and activate license key” of the activation dialog

  • Instead of a server feedback dialog, you get this file browsing dialog… → The ClientSideServerActivation.exe must be located in the same folder as nextnanomat.exe. You can either search for it manually or put it in the correct location and restart the activation process. If you don't find this executable at all, you can use the offline activation and send us the generated fingerprint file per email - we will do the license activation for you and send you the license file by email.

  • There is a server connection but no license is saved… → Verify that you are using the same email address which was used to purchase the license or if there are any spelling errors. (The email address is not case sensitive.)

  • Couldn't connect to license server… → nextnanomat is currently using the port 8001 to establish a server connection. If this port is blocked by your IT department, a connection cannot be established. Either you can open the port or use the offline activation. If this port isn't blocked by your institution, our server may be inaccessible. You can try again later or use the offline activation.

In any case please notify us about occurring problems - we are always trying to improve the licensing process to make it as convenient as possible.

Offline Activation

If no connection to the server could be established, you can tick the offline activation in the activation dialog.

Generate and save the fingerprint file to any convenient location and send it to us per email or any other support channel.

We will generate your license and send it to you.

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